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Louis Scarantino

Autism Advocates and Motivational Speakers

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“Autism is not a tragedy, ignorance is,”

Louis shares in one of his speeches. He now devotes most of his time writing blogs and participates as a keynote speaker on the subject in various events all over the world. Additionally, he publishes videos and audio notes and is a contributor for several publications such as The Mighty and Autism Parenting Magazine.

The Pennsylvania-native is also a published author

with his book entitled “Finding Love on the Spectrum: An ASD Guide to Dating:, where he wrote about his personal experiences. This book was praised on Kirkus and Amazon, where it received numerous excellent reviews. Louis also published another book, “Autism: The Unstoppable Achiever”.

“I’m very humorous in my speeches and really connect with my audiences."

Louis is determined to stay motivated and make his goals a reality. He wishes to connect with more people and touch more lives with his story. The published author is eager to reach out to those overcoming or experiencing adversity, especially those with disabilities, because he believes that

“Disability or not, anything is possible if you continue to follow your dreams and never give up no matter what the circumstances,”

Articles on Autism

What They Say about Louis (An Autism Advocate)



Louis is an amazing individual who volunteered to write blog entries for the Organization for Autism Research (OAR). Louis is timely, professional, courteous, and is an excellent writer; we are very fortunate to have worked with him and we look forward to working with Louis again for future blog entries and to promote autism awareness and advocacy.



Louis is a terrific young man who has overcome. many obstacles. From reading and other learning difficulties to a degree from community college to becoming a published author, his story is inspiring. Here's wishing him many other successes in life! Thank you for speaking to our club!



Louis recently spoke at an Autism York event. It was so refreshing and inspiring to listen to him share his story about growing up with autism. He did an amazing job and I see a bright future for Louis and his pursuit in creating autism awareness and acceptance through his speeches and talks! Keep pushing forward, Louis. The world needs more people like you!!!

Joe Rumsey, Superintendent of Bath-Haverling Central School


This courageous young man is an inspiration for all of us.

Jessica Thomas, President Bath Rotary Club


On Thursday, October 29, Louis was the program speaker at the weekly meeting of the Bath Rotary Club in Bath, NY. Although the club is meeting via Zoom due to Covid-19 and Louis was at his home in Pennsylvania, his presentation on autism and mental health advocacy was most inspiring and motivational. Not only did he relate his personal journey with autism, but he also answered questions from some of the Rotarians present. At all times he was very professional, courteous, and honest.

Tess McKinley, Executive Director of Cornell Cooperative Extension Steuben


I was so impressed with how brave Louis was to share information about his mental health, a topic that many people shy away from. He was very professional about it and did a great job!



I had the honour of sharing the stage with Louis in Toronto March, 2019. I've shared the stage with Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Bob Proctor, Steve Forbes, Sir Richard Branson, and more. I can tell you that Louis is "The Real Deal". He moved the hearts and minds of those in attendance. I highly endorse him in every way!

Katrina H.


Knowledgeable and Professional Speaker. Louis did a great job speaking at a recent conference for professionals involved in providing support for individuals with intellectual disability. The feedback from attendees was that it was apparent that Louis had thoroughly researched the topic and conveyed helpful information that was useful to them.

Bill White, Retired Educator


As a retired teacher, I really appreciated your presentation, Louis. Several of my former students suffered from autism in one form or another, and I now wish I had more knowledge then of what they were going through as you described in your talk.

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