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About Me

About ME | Louis Scarantino - Award-Wining Autism Advocate & Motivational Speaker

Louis Scarantino

“Autism is not a tragedy, ignorance is,”

I was born in the 90’s and was diagnosed with autism at age 2.5. I had an abnormal childhood, not being able to speak until I was 5. When I started school, my mother, along with the counseling center I went to for support, have done so much to make me who I am today.

High school life was tough. I was bullied by  special education teachers and principals who didn’t understand me. I got a  job at Burger King in high school and won the Employee of the Month award three times.  I once attended an Elton John concert and unexpectedly ended up signing autographs in the front row. It’s the only great memory I have from high school. 

I went to a  community college 40 minutes  from home and drove there five days a week to improve my skills. I was hard on myself most of the time and always wanted to quit, but I  got all my A’s and B’s. did.  

Despite experiencing frustration in his youth because of his condition, I refused to give in and let it overtake his life. Years of hard work paid off when I graduated college Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Office Information Technology. I knew then that he had to do something to help shed light on autism and help more people get a better understanding of the condition.

Shania Twain

Introduced by a college friend, I became a big fan of country pop singer Shania Twain. I dreamed of meeting Twain after college, so I attended her show  in Las Vegas in 2013. During the show, she came out to the audience, hugged and shook hands with fans, sang “Any Man of Mine,” and I was hugged. Later in the show, she called some fans on stage. I stepped out of the eleventh row and told Twain I was from Pennsylvania. She brought me up  saying, “Come here in Pennsylvania.” 


That inspired all I do today as an autism advocate, writer, and motivational speaker.

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I want to do more great things on the autism spectrum. Hopefully I get a movie about my life. Autistic people can do anything if they follow their dreams.

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