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can my autistic child become normal

Can My Autistic Child Become Normal?

February 12, 2024

Parents often ask: “Can my autistic child become normal?” It’s natural to be concerned and look for possible warning signs, but the truth is that many children with autism can be perfectly normal. Autism has received increased media attention over the past few years, and many parents are concerned about their children’s condition. However, they’re often surprised to find out that everything is perfectly fine and that the child’s condition is simply normal developmental progress.

Autism spectrum disorder is a neurological disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological disorder that affects a child’s social interaction, communication, and behavior. The disorder can be diagnosed at any age, but typically shows up in early childhood. The symptoms usually involve repetitive behavior, limited imagination, and social isolation. Autism is a spectrum disorder, which means that symptoms may be mild or severe.

While ASD is a lifelong condition, symptoms typically improve over time, and some children with the disorder go on to live full and active lives. Early language regress, sleep disorders, and epilepsy are common comorbidities of autism. Early diagnosis and treatment can make a big difference in the quality of life for these children.

It is not curable

A common misconception among parents is that an autistic child cannot be cured. While it is true that autism is not curable, there are some things you can do to help your child live a full and happy life. One of the most important things you can do is to provide ongoing support and care. The condition is complex and requires continuous attention from family members and professionals throughout the child’s life.

One of the best ways to help your autistic child is to find a team of specialists who are experienced in treating autism. Not only are they trained in treating autism, they also have an understanding of the various approaches to therapy. This is crucial because not all treatments are effective for every child.

It does not change or worsen with age

An important fact to remember is that an autistic child will not change or get worse as the years go by. This is unlike a broken pair of sneakers, which can be fixed or replaced. There is no cure for autism and it is not something that will improve with age. However, age-appropriate activities and settings can help with your child’s development.

As your child grows up, he or she may start to express more emotion and become more social. In such cases, it may seem as if your child has autism. But if this isn’t the case, it is more likely that your child is just experiencing normal developmental changes. In addition, some children with autism may experience regression and withdraw from people they love. Researchers do not yet know why this happens, but this doesn’t mean that autism will go away.

It is not like a pair of sneakers

An Autistic child is not like a typical pair of sneakers. This disorder affects a child’s fine and gross motor skills, as well as their communication skills. Up to 75% of people with autism also have sensory processing disorders, which makes them very sensitive to things like clothing and shoes. Luckily, skateboarding shoe company Vans has created a new line of shoes designed specifically for children with autism.

It isn’t like a pair of sneakers

If your Autistic child is hesitating to wear sneakers or other shoes, chances are they’re suffering from pain in their feet. The pain may be caused by physical conditions or injuries. It could also be due to ankle-foot orthosis. Your child may also have difficulty tying shoelaces. His fine motor skills are delayed and the task can trigger a meltdown.

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